Welcome to Victory Outreach Church Alkmaar

Dear brothers and sister.

We need something divine to create our success, the kingdom of God is a spiritual kingdom. It must operate under spiritual principles and spiritual power. As a leader I have come to realization that success in ministry is not going to be depended on technology, methods, or human ingenuity, but it depends totally and heavily upon the

Convicting Anointing of the Holy Spirit.

This truth has create such a hunger for humbleness and brokenness. I have come to realize that God just needs a vessel that He can trust with His anointing. I believe that NOW is the appointed time that God will bring us to a new place and new spiritual address:

First- Repentance Personal Issues
Second- Renewal (Revival) Church Issues
Third- Awakening World Issues

God is going to stir up the power gifts in the lives of believers and God shall bring in a great harvest to the praise of His name.

Can God trust you with His anointing?

Are you willing to pay the price?

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